"What an accomplishment this is. Sacred Feast speaks to Messiaen's creativity, Bergeron's ingenuity, and the talents of the band that brings this music to life."
- All About Jazz
“Lovely arrangements, thoughtful jazz originals, beautiful sounds, tasteful and skilled performances ... Bergeron is a fine trumpeter, composer, arranger, and assembler of talent … In this case, I actually like some of Thomas Bergeron's jazz settings more than Olivier Messiaen's originals."
- Barry M Kilpatrick, American Record Guide

"A lyricism that skirts the boundaries of a stately elegance, thus allowing eccentric flourishes and a sense of humor to add color to a rigid beauty.”
Dave Sumner - Bird is the Worm

"This is a CD you find inside yourself through concentrated listening.” 
- WV Jazz Society

“Thomas Bergeron has again transformed classic works into vibrant jazz … Simply delightful.”
-D. Oscar Groomes , O's Place

Music Inspired by Olivier Messiaen

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"A really fine, beautiful statement. Subtle and rich ... 
I can't think of another player anywhere that could pull this off" 
- Dave Douglas
"A stunning work of jazz chamber music ... There is no doubt that Olivier Messiaen would be pleased with Bergeron’s offering." 
- Paula Edelstein, AXS
"I could gush for paragraphs on its warmth, originality and inventiveness, and how much I loved the unique colors and voicings."
- John Montanari, Stay Tuned

"The music is truly a feast ... The trumpeter's clear tones and intelligent arrangements stand out as does this excellent recording."
Richard Kamins - Step Tempest

"A spectacular chamber-jazz fusion that really opens up the more you listen to it. Becca Stevens’ vocals are a dream” 
- Solomon Deep

“Bergeron continues to take the jazz/classical mix to new levels of the game on his second album."
- Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Music Inspired by Claude Debussy

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“Bergeron is a trumpet player with unassailable chops. On this outing he combines his love of Debussy and jazz and brings both to someplace new. Best described as killer contemporary instrumental music, it's too hard to pick out where one thing ends and another begins ... It's a first class listening record that really delivers the goods. Well done throughout.”
- Chris Spector/Midwest Record
"Bergeron's trumpet burns"
- All About Jazz